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Homestead Ec

Homestead Ec | Nine Month Subscription

Homestead Ec | Nine Month Subscription

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Equip your child with essential life skills through our comprehensive Nine-Month Home Economics Subscription Box Plan, perfect for ages 6 and up! Each month, your child will explore a new topic, gaining knowledge and hands-on experience in various areas of everyday life. Science and math concepts are applied to each box to help children learn those essential concepts in real life settings. Monthly topics will include:

Clothing Care: Learn how to sew, apply iron-on patches, fold clothes, and handle laundry care.

Bread and Butter: Discover the joy of homemade cooking with activities like baking a loaf of bread, making pizza dough, and churning butter.

Self Care: Focus on personal well-being with lessons on proper hair washing, daily healthy habits, exercise tips, and the importance of hydration.

Cleaning: Develop cleaning skills, including organizing spaces, dusting, vacuuming, and maintaining a tidy home.

Budgeting: Understand the basics of budgeting with fun activities on managing money, saving, and smart spending.

Hosting: Learn how to be a great host with tips on planning, table setting, and creating a welcoming environment for guests.

First Aid: Gain basic first aid knowledge, including treating minor injuries, understanding emergency procedures, and safety tips.

Gardening: Explore the world of gardening with activities like planting seeds, understanding plant care, and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Home Repair: Learn basic home repair skills, such as fixing a leaky faucet, using simple tools, and performing minor household maintenance.

Each monthly box includes:

  • Engaging activities and video lessons on the month's topic.
  • High-quality materials and tools needed for each activity.
  • Curated life hacks to make learning fun and practical.
  • Natural science and/or math lessons included.
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