• Life Hacks For Home Ec

    Let our boxes naturally motivate your child to complete their tasks while learning in the process! Great for Ages 6 and up!

  • A STEAM-Powered Subscription Box

    Discover the power of STEAM with Homestead Ec! Our subscription box integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into practical home economics lessons.

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Teaching Essential Life Skills, One Hack at a Time!

The Clothing Care Box

Get your kids to actually want to fold their clothes with this folding board hack!

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Sneak Peak

Bread & Butter

This month's hack focuses on making bread without the mess!

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  • Hands-On Learning

    Teaching children the skills they need to be responsible and self-sufficient.

  • Fun & Educational

    Making learning enjoyable with practical life lessons.
  • Monthly Delivery

    Each month, you will receive at least four curated items with video lessons delivered to your door.

Leave No Crumbs

Our motto, "Leave no crumbs," is a metaphorical reminder to clean up after ourselves and not leave a mess behind. It emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and responsibility, encouraging us to be mindful of our surroundings and considerate of others who may use the same space. Each box will encourage hildren to clean up after themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in each box?

Each month, you will receive at least four curated items designed to encourage your child to complete specific tasks, along with accompanying video lessons.

Sample Monthly Products?

For example, in the Clothing Care Box, your child will receive a folding board they can decorate, a mini sewing kit, iron-on jean patches, and a magnet cheat sheet for the laundry machine. These items will help them learn to properly fold their clothes, sew on a button, repair their jeans by ironing on patches, and how to do their own laundry. Each box also includes video lessons to guide them through these tasks, making the learning experience fun and interactive.

What kind of math/science lessons will be included?

Learning math and science within the context of home economics can involve practical, real-life activities. For math, children might learn budgeting by managing grocery expenses, calculating discounts, or measuring ingredients for recipes. In science, they could explore chemistry by learning how vinegar can naturally disinfect, study biology through gardening and understanding plant growth, and much more. These hands-on experiences make abstract concepts tangible and directly applicable to everyday life.

Is Shipping Included?

Shipping is included in the monthly subscription cost.

Are You a Small Family Business?

Yes, we are a small family business. I am a mom of four homeschooled children, and I've seen the benefits of teaching them essential life skills firsthand. My children are hands-on learners, and using practical life hacks has made it easier for them to do their chores with eagerness. This inspired me to create a monthly subscription box to help other kids learn these skills in a fun and easy way. Thank you for supporting our family business!